Looking for instant length, volume, and thickness that will allow you to finally wear your hair up and rock that gorgeous full ponytail or side part that you’ ve been avoiding? Below is a range of our signature Mane House Hair Salon Services in East Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey.

For fuller, thicker, and longer hair

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We exist to empower women and build self-esteem with gorgeous, flowy hair.

At Mane House, we’ re more than a salon specializing in hair extensions

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You could definitely benefit from seeing a Mane house hair extension specialist.

Dreaming about longer, fuller locks?
Noticing thinning hair?
Lacking confidence or feeling self-conscious about your hair?
Want to feel more ‘put together’ with less effort in the mornings?
Finding yourself limited with what kind of styles you can do with your current hair?

Are you…

Personalised recommendations on your hair care plan in-person. Step-by-step information on how to maintain the color and extensions.

A certified hair extension specialist working on your hair

Cut to blend and styling

100% color-matched hair and ethically sourced hair

100% human hair, the best hair on the market

When it comes to hair extensions, our Mane House hair extension specialists understand that not everyone has the same goals. 

Using the beaded weft method for the most natural, seamless, invisible, and easy-to-hide results, we customize the service to help achieve your dream hair.

What you get:

for instant length, volume, and/or thickness

Hair extensions

Consultation is needed for a tailored quote.

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By adding one row of hair extensions we can create extra fullness without adding length. This should take no longer than 3-4 hours. 


The Volumizer Hair Extensions

Want a little more length and a whole lotta oomph? As our most popular service, two rows of extensions can create a longer and fuller look in just 4-5 hours.


The Lengthen and Volumize Hair Extensions

Choose to have three rows of gorgeous, flowy hair added to your head for the boldest transformation. Usually taking between 5-6 hours, this service is especially popular for the adventurous bob-length client wanting instant length.


The Fullest & Lengthiest Hair Extensions

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On the day of the appointment, you’ ll be welcomed into the salon for an indulgent experience. We’ ll also make sure you leave with a personalized haircare plan to help you maintain the color and extensions well beyond your visit.

3. Be treated with care

If this is your first time visiting Mane House, we’ ll get you to fill in a new client form to help us best prepare for your appointment.  

2. Fill in the new client form

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Just three steps to treat your hair to some much-needed love….

The secret behind the most beautiful weave and natural-looking extensions is proper care and maintenance. As specialists in hair extensions and color, we also help you with the upkeep, giving you advice to implement between visits and doing all the usual cuts, trims, and hair care for luxurious locks that last longer. 

Helping you maintain the most glam extensions

We only use 100% human hair, meaning you can exercise, wash your hair, use a curling iron, and more.

Our extensions are dyed at your appointment for a 100% color match

Our extensions are ethically sourced so you can feel good about where your new hair comes from

We specialize in the beaded weft method which is perfect for those with thin hair and also means less pulling and breakage

Our beaded weft method also means you can wear your hair up, without any seams showing 

and keep coming back for more…

Why our clients love Mane House hair extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are extensions hard to maintain?

Like regular hair, hair extensions do require regular maintenance, however, this is where investing in good quality extensions that have been applied professionally will save you time and money in the long run. At Mane House, we do the whole hair journey with you, meaning that we personalize your hair care plan, empowering you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in maintaining your hair extensions between visits.

How expensive are extensions?

Our hair extensions start at $1200, we only use 100% natural human hair that is ethically sourced, please book a consultation for a tailored quote.

How long do beaded weft extensions last?

Once professionally applied, a beaded weft hair extension can last up to 8-10 months in your hair. Of course, with hair growth, at your usual 6-8 week hair appointment, an extension specialist will move up the hair extensions and provide you with the right maintenance care.

Will my hair grow slower with extensions?

Not at all, your hair will grow healthier with extensions with proper care and maintenance.

Am I too old for hair extensions?

We celebrate beauty at all ages. We have women in their teens all the way to their sixties, boosting their confidence and their creativity with hair extensions. If you’ re feeling nervous about considering hair extensions, reach out and have a chat with us.

I don’t want extensions that look tacky why are Mane House extensions better?

We don’t take shortcuts and we use only the best. 100% human hair, using a beaded weft method that is custom colored at your appointment for a 100% color match. We also use professional salon-quality treatments to revitalize tired hair and give you a buoyant, vibrant look.


"Steph has been working with me for about 3 years now, making sure my color is exactly how and I want it, and extensions that not only look real but actually feel like they are my real hair. Unreal! I have been getting extension for years - tape in, bead in, clip in, you name it. I have spent thousands of dollars on extensions that were done so wrong that I absolutely hated. Steph has been the only one to give me extensions that look REAL and that people cannot even tell it is not my own hair."

—Mirna A.

"Erlis is a hair goddess. She is professional, personable and the sweetest. I had given up on coloring my hair in NJ and would only color my hair when I was in Cali because I couldn't find a stylist to give me that lived in color look until I found Erlis. Now I just tell her to do whatever she wants with my hair because I trust her 1000%."

—Hailey M.

I always get exactly what I ask for when I come to get my hair done and my extensions color matches perfect. Best NJ custom color and hair extensions ❤️

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